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How to set clear boundaries and stand on them!

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Here's your mini survival guide to navigating triggering, unnecessary, or even down right rude conversations. 

First question, can you fight? (Just kidding!) We're going to use our words and if all else fails, we'll use our legs to leave.

Do you know what setting boundaries looks like? 

Setting boundaries verbally:

    Expressing your needs and desired outcome 

    Setting boundaries physically:

      Establishing physical space between you and the problem (i.e leaving, taking a moment away)

      Setting boundaries mentally:

        Establishing mental note to distance yourself from the problem and not internalize it or creating mental notes (e.g. "I will only stay for an hour or two and then i'll leave)

          Boundaries are rules that you set for yourself and a particular situation. 


          1. Be strategic and pick your battles wisely

          2. Be clear, direct, and concise:

            Be clear about your needs and desired outcomes. Be direct and concise with what you want to communicate and why you feel as though a boundary is needed in that moment.
          3. Shut it down immediately:

            You don't have to speak up in a disrespectful manner. Screaming and shouting is not necessary and if the conversation escalates. You have permission to walk away. 
          4. Pause and check-in with yourself:

            If setting boundaries, especially against family and friends is a new experience, this can be nerve racking. Even the most seasoned of boundary setters often feel a pit of anxiety when attempting to set a boundary. Make sure you're able to conduct a self check to make sure you're okay!
          5. Leave if necessary:

            When in doubt, peace out. 

          This is your world! Set those boundaries!

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