Frequently Asked Question

What does Sincerely Sanguine mean?

Sanguine is defined as "optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation." Sincerely is often defined as genuine, but it also utilize to symbolize a closing or farewell. Together the two words are used to personify the genuine nature of the brand, but also to inspire others.

What is Sincerely Sanguine?

Sincerely Sanguine is a self care brand that specializes in providing products that allow the customer to establish a space of peace and relaxation.

How do you pronounce the company name?

Sang (like Tang) and Gween (Like Queen) put it all together and you have SANGUINE!

Are refunds accepted?

We now offer full refunds! Please head over to our full refund policy for more information!

What ingredients are in each product?

All ingredients are listed on the container and on the product description page of the website.

What is the V for Valor Initiative?

The V for Valor initiative is a wellness extension alongside the skincare section of Sincerely Sanguine. The V for Valor initiative delivers mental health specific products to donate to community and wellness based organizations.

Are your products vegan and Cruelty Free?

The body/face scrubs and lip balms contain beeswax, but there are alternatives for those that would like to purchase vegan friendly products without beeswax or animal derived products.