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5 Simple College Hacks Every College Student Should Know

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5. Audiobooks helped me through undergrad.
As an English major, I was expected to read 10 books, write 10 ten-page papers, and end world hunger in the span of a week. However, in my sophomore year, I discovered a "cheat-code". We're always taught that cheaters never win, but we're also taught to work smarter and not harder. Therefore, audiobooks serve as a happy medium. I would recommend that you attain a hard-copy of the text for classes, but the audiobook allows you to read on-the-go without having to carry tons of books and read a million books at one time. I have trouble reading when I am instructed to, therefore forcing me to read a ton of books that I particularly don't care for did not inspire me to carve out time to read especially in the limited time allocated. With audiobooks, I could listen during my commute to school or while I worked out. Audiobooks helped me through undergrad and the teachers didn't suspect a thing.

*Bonus tip: Never buy books from the book store, instead search on the website of your local library. Also, I utilized the 'Hoopla' app, which allows you to read and listen to books online through your library card.

4. Keep an organized calendar 
When your classes are finalized you should immediately log the classes into your phone's calendar or a calendar that you check often.

Here's what you'll need:
  • Class names 
  • Class meeting times
  • How often the classes meet each week 
  • The date of the first class and the last class 
  • Where the class is located 

-First Import the class name
-Add where it's located on your campus
-Add the times (make sure you put AM or PM correctly)
-If necessary add the option to repeat weekly and then choose the meeting days (M-W-F/T-Th)
-Set 15 mins. before reminder and 5 mins. Before reminder
-End repeat on the final day of the class meeting
-Finally, repeat this process for all of the other courses

And wah-lah! You're ready for classes. Logging your schedule can help you visually see your classes and the reminders help you remember that you have class when you want to take a nap or somehow lose track of time.

3. Adopt the Rosa Parks Mentality (...which doesn't involve a bus)
To the front...  and stay there. The middle is a reasonable second choice if you are not comfortable sitting directly in front. Be attentive, engaged, and present because the teacher can (clearly) see you. In the front, you'll feel less tempted to fall asleep or text. Unless you're bold and don't care, but I'd like to believe that if you're reading this, you do care. Make sure that you throw in a couple of head nods to show that you're paying attention, or at least make it look like you're paying attention.

2. Paper notes with lots of colors
Take heed of this point, if your penmanship is garbage, stick to the computer. I colored coded my notes and separated key points. For example, text examples were green, direct quotes were pink, key terms were highlighted yellow, and topic titles were blue. I also ensured that for each new section I made a squiggly line to separate the information. I also included hand-drawn pictures as a method to develop and remember components that were easier to remember visually. Colors help with information retention but only highlight key information. If you highlight everything, a highlight is no longer necessary. Also, reword notes in a way that you can understand.

1. Go to class! 
As simple and straightforward as this may sound, it's vital. Profs. (the good ones) tend to discuss and give most if not all of the important information in class. If you have to write a paper they tend to tell you exactly what they're looking for ... within the class. They also take note when a student only shows up for tests and presentations. Showing up is important because Profs. are more likely to show empathy and care in your time of need when they see your dedication and effort as a student. Most times, participation is factored into a large portion of your grade. Get your 8 hours and gain easy credit, JUST FOR SHOWING UP!
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