Add 'Just as I am: A Memoir' to your booklist

Add 'Just as I am: A Memoir' to your booklist

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In the captivating memoir, "Just as I Am," the legendary actress Cicely Tyson takes readers on a remarkable journey through her life, filled with inspiring anecdotes, personal reflections, and profound wisdom. With grace and vulnerability, Tyson shares her experiences, triumphs, and challenges, reminding us of the power of resilience, self-discovery, and embracing our true selves. This blog post explores some key takeaways from Tyson's memoir, offering valuable insights and life lessons for readers of all backgrounds.

Key takeaways from 'Just as I am: A Memoir'— no spoilers! 

  • Your parents may have made mistakes with you, but you have the power to either repeat them or learn from and correct them. 
  • The wrong partner could potentially ruin your life and waste your time 
  • You can only help those who desire to help themselves, and you are not obligated to do the heavy lifting in their healing journey. 
  • Sometimes people want you, only so that someone else can't have you. 
  • Some friendships are not rooted in time, but rooted in a feeling of familiarity, one that makes you think that you've known them for forever.
  • When pursuing someone new insight into their former relationships provides insight into the life and experiences you might be signing yourself up for. 
  • Habits die hard, if a man hits his first two wives. Most likely it's not a matter of if, but when for you. 
  • People often identify how special you are long before you see it. 
  • If you have a dream stick with it, even if your biggest "hater" is your mother
  • If your actions are rooted in integrity and intentionality your impact will stretch far beyond your life span. 
  • Be intentional with what you allow and what you say yes to.  
  • Always have a safe space of your own 
  • Prioritize your health 
  • You're never too old to accomplish anything and always keep moving and learning
  • How you make people feel matters 
  • Never be the other woman 
  • Stay active and keep your mind sharp through old age

The secret to living up to the tender age of 98 years young according to the late and great Cicely Tyson:

  • Lots of salad, omit the salad dressing, 
  • Start your day off with a big bowl of oatmeal, which is great for you heart 
  • Drink eight glasses of water and follow-up with celery juice 
  • Sprinkle ALL of your meals with Cayenne Pepper liquid extract or the spice
  • Don't eat after 9pm to let your organs rest 
  • Before bed have another glass of water 
  • Lychee nuts 
  • Sweet Potatoes and beets 
  • She visited her masseuse/acupuncturist once a month 
  • She read and lived by The Juicing Bible
  • Practiced meditation 
  • Has a primary care physician and a naturopathic doctor 
  • Pull-ups every morning (Can you image Cicely Tyson doing 38 pull-ups every morning? I audibly gasped when I read that part.)
  • She also did not eat meat 
  • Did not take medication

Consult your physician before you try any of these practices!

"Just as I Am" by Cicely Tyson is a memoir that resonates deeply with readers, offering profound wisdom and life lessons derived from a remarkable life. Tyson's memoir inspires us to embrace our true selves, forge healthy relationships, and persist in the pursuit of our dreams. Through her words, she empowers us to navigate life's challenges with grace, strength, and unwavering authenticity. By integrating these valuable insights into our own lives, we can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and find fulfillment in embracing life, just as we are.

In loving memory of Cicley Tyson 

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