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Is 'Lucky Girl Syndrome' REAL?

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Optimism bias and its connection to 'The Lucky Girl Syndrome'

"Optimism bias is a cognitive bias that causes someone to believe that they themselves are less likely to experience a negative event. It is also known as unrealistic optimism or comparative optimism."

 Source: Optimism Bias - Wikipedia

Is optimism bias or comparative optimism inherently bad? Not necessarily, but when people are under the impression that they are absolved or exempt from experiencing negative occurrences, this mentality can leave large gaps in their planning and execution process. This unfortunately inhibits any type of preparation, self-awareness, and spacial awareness.

Life is not made up of absolutes and creating an illusion or living life rooted in delusion will leave you vulnerable, but the 'Lucky Girl Syndrome' mentality is not all bad!  

What is 'Lucky Girl Syndrome'?

Nicole and Paris Hilton Simple Life Iconic Quotes

Many believe that the 'Lucky Girl Syndrome' is just another fluke manifestation technique, one that if you believe that good things will happen to you they will. Isn't this just the law of attraction feminized? Possibly, but the sentiment is still there. Although feminized, some might wonder, can anyone benefit from the 'Lucky Girl Syndrome'? When the conversation of 'The Lucky Girl Syndrome' is mentioned, pretty privilege, racism, general privilege, classism, ableism, and countless other -isms are overlooked. However, anyone can pull from the ideals and beliefs of the notion of believing in yourself and attracting favor within your life.

From a neurological stand-point, although I am not a Neurologist, there are studies that discuss the process of rewiring your brain by doing the opposite of the negative emotions that you may be feeling.

"Smiling and laughing don’t just distract you from stress or sadness, they can also act as drugs that directly stimulate a feeling of global wellbeing in the brain."
Source: The Art and Science of Tricking Your Brain - What the research says about ‘fake it til you make it’


This sentiment also relates closely to the '💪🏽Power Pose' A pose that encourages you to take up space byway of standing in a manner that you interpret as "powerful." Whether that be spreading your arms up and out and spreading your legs shoulder width apart and smiling. Although this practice is somewhat split in attitudes and credibility, the power pose is arguably another way to positively trick your brain. 

In a way I have always lived by the ideology of 'The Lucky Girl Syndrome' but my go-to saying was and still is "I always get what I want", which is relatively true! In numerous ways, I have benefited from the 'The Lucky Girl Syndrome' and that looked like not having to pay to check my bags on a flight because the attendant liked my 'Avatar: The Last Airbender Aang Head AirPod Case Cover' or finding cash sprawled all of the floor in the Atlanta Aquarium. Although these are two unique occurrences, I am grateful for the unexplainable but amazing occurrences that I have been awarded. Although I do always get what I want, I am aware that some occurrences are luck, while others are calculated risks and byproducts of preparation. 

Adopt the mentality that this is your world and everyone else is merely living in it, but not from a shallow place, but from one of self-confidence, self-assurance, and gratitude. 

How to adopt a "Lucky Girl" mentality in a realistic manner:

  1. Assume the best out of your life, but also be prepared for the worst. 
  2. Adopt the mentality that everything always works out in your favor 
  3. Practice gratitude often 
  4. Faith: have faith in yourself and the happenings in your life 
  5. Prepare and stay ready 
  6. Be realistic, but also don't be afraid to dream 

    Lucky Girl Syndrome is NOT showing up to exam day, having not studied and expecting a perfect score because you are "lucky." 'The Lucky Girl Syndrome' is merely a tool and should be used as such! There are ebbs and flows of life and in order for the 'The Lucky Girl Syndrome' to display effectiveness one must put in the work. Delusion is not a placeholder for entitlement and complacency. Although, this is your world and we're just living in it... you still live in the "real" world and you can influence your world but you cannot control the people and environments around you. Even the bible says "faith without works is dead." Take risks, but be for real! 

    For more information check out this video 'does being delusional work?' by Youtuber @amandamaryanna

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