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Understanding Post-vacation Depression

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Why Do I Feel Sad After Coming Home From Vacation?

Transparent moment, I cried! The cry wasn't intense, but I did shed a tear after returning home from eight days of fun, freedom, and leisure. Vacations are a reminder of how peaceful and exciting life can be outside of the daily hustle and bustle, countless hours of work, and noise of our everyday lives. Returning home after a vacation can be a bittersweet experience. You don't want to leave the new and interesting life that you have fostered while away, but you also have responsibilities back home. Understand that being sad after returning from a vacation is normal! There's actually a term for it, "post vacation depression" or "post vacation blues" and here are a few tips and tricks for navigating it. 

How to Embracing the Post Vacation Blues and Reclaim Your Joy:  

Reflect on Your Journey:

Take some time to reminisce about the highlights of your vacation. Relive the cherished memories and the experiences that brought you happiness. By doing so, you can carry a piece of your trip's magic with you into your daily life.

Ease into Your Routine:

Avoid plunging back into your regular schedule right away. People often wonder, how to get back on track after a vacation or how to go back to work after a vacation, but the trick is to gradually return to your life. Give yourself a buffer day or two to unwind, unpack, and gradually reacquaint yourself with your home environment. Use this time to rejuvenate and adjust at your own pace. The first day back to work after vacation can be a complete drag, but at least you know that you're working towards the next excursion. 

Plan Mini-Adventures:

Infuse your post-vacation routine with small adventures or treats. Whether it's exploring a nearby attraction, trying a new restaurant, or indulging in a hobby, infusing novelty into your daily life can help lift your spirits.

Stay Connected:

Share your vacation experiences and photos with loved ones and friends. Talking about your adventures can reignite the excitement and create opportunities for bonding and shared memories.

Implement Travel Tips:

Leverage the unique travel tips you've learned in 2023 during your trip to make your daily life more enjoyable. Adopting these practices can add a sense of adventure and exploration even in familiar surroundings.

Feeling sad after returning vacation is a natural response to the transition from leisure to routine. Embrace these emotions, cherish the memories, and integrate your newfound travel experiences to maintain a sense of adventure in everyday life. By taking small steps to ease back into your regular routine and embracing positivity, you can overcome the post-vacation blues and find joy and fulfillment even after your journey has ended.

While the post vacation blues might make you cry, feel it, and allow the hunger for adventure motivate you to travel and experience the world outside of your everyday life. Consider those post vacation blues as a little nugget of optimism. You might be sad now, but at least you'll eventually have another trip to look forward to later!   


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