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What is your vision for your life?

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What is a vision board?

Vision boards are physical or virtual collages that reflect future goals/aspirations through a curation of intentionally chosen images and quotes.   

Vision boards are a great way to visualize your long term or short term goals, as well as things you desire within your life. Unlike a New Year’s resolution that focuses on a list, vision boards allow you to lean more on the vision. 

We have not one, but two flavors of vision boards: the physical and the e-vision board.

Physical vision boards

The physical vision board is the OG, the old school, get-your-hands-dirty approach. Armed with scissors, magazines, and glue sticks, you become a creative ninja, stealthily cutting out images and quotes that scream, "This is what I want in life!" It's arts and crafts for the aspiring dreamer, adding a tactile experience to the manifestation process. Plus, you can proudly display it on your wall, reminding yourself and your guests that you're a bona fide goal-getter.

E-Vision boards

Enter the e-vision board, the tech-savvy cousin of the physical version. With a few clicks and taps, you can gather images, quotes, and animated gifs from the farthest corners of the internet. It's like going on a virtual treasure hunt, seeking inspiration in the vast digital realm. And the best part? You can carry your vision board with you wherever you go, no poster board required! It's the modern way to manifest, making dreams go viral in a digital wonderland.

Which vision board style is right for you?

So, which board is right for you? Are you a tactile dreamer who enjoys cutting and pasting like a creative ninja, or a tech-savvy visionary who thrives on digital inspiration? Both options have their perks, but the key is to unleash your inner Picasso (or Oprah) and craft a vision board that makes your heart skip a beat. So grab those scissors or flex those digital design skills, because with a vision board, the sky's the limit... or maybe even Mars if Elon Musk is your jam!

My vision board story: How I manifest a NY Time Bestselling Author as a Mentor

I made my first e-vision board in April of this year and a lot has happened since then. To create my e-vision board, I utilized Pinterest to find images that aligned with my desires and overall aesthetic. A positive/healthy relationship, more travel opportunities, business goals, a stronger spiritual relationship, a Taekwondo black belt, and other lifestyle based images were a few of my areas of focus. I then utilized Canva to bring my vision board/laptop background to life. I intentionally made my vision board my computer background screensaver because I am constantly using my laptop. When I open my laptop, my vision board is the first thing I see. A background for your phone is also another great place to house your vision board!

Here's an example of the entire process:

@dasiasaysso This is great for the IPad Girlies 😂Creating a Virtual Vision Board Using Pinterest and Canva (took me all of 15 mins.) #virtualvisionboard #visionboardinspo #manifestingthroughmusic #lawofassumption101 #canvahacks4u #pinterestboardaesthetic ♬ original sound - jenny saquois

Prior to identifying the power of vision boards, I thought phrases like “manifest your reality ” and “I don't chase, I attract” were a crock... If i'm being honest. However, I’m now a believer and I’m ready to share my praises! 

Since the creation of my vision board, I earned my black belt in early June! In July, I met the author of the book “Get Good with Money” (located in the top left corner) and I am now her mentee! I made a Tik Tok giving an honest review about her book and the video has well over 150,000 views (Which still blows my mind.) She wanted to meet me, which was wild, and in the midst of the conversation I asked her to serve as a mentor (from what I can remember.) Then in August, I received a partnerships with The Getaway Cabin and I was able to experience the solo cabin life *EXPENSE FREE.*

This is your sign to start a vision board! Answering the question “what do you want to be when you grow up” is anxiety inducing (for some), simply because we change constantly. I don’t know what I want to do, but I know what I don’t want to do. Overall, I aspire to cultivate a life I enjoy living! So instead of creating a life solely based on what you aspire to career wise, think about the life you want to live overall and what that looks like. 

Journal prompt: What is your vision for your life? (Be as detailed as possible)

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